What Sets Us Apart?

Chatham Hill is a boutique consulting group with far reaching results.

The Team

  • We offer a broad range of experience and expertise from across the globe in multiple industries and disciplines.
  • We engage deep-knowledge expert specialists in relevant fields tailored to our clients' unique needs.

Social Responsiblity
& Client Care

  • We not only deliver profitability, but also demonstrate concern for social responsibility and environmental sustainability.
  • We only take on a client if we believe they are a good fit and we can deliver significant value.
  • We treat large and small companies alike with the same level of professional attention.

Our Approach

  • We provide a comprehensive and customized strategic approach, examining all aspects of your business — systems, performance, resources, leadership, and culture — in order to determine the best approaches for achieving organic growth and supporting externally focused acquisitions.
  • We combine performance enhancing strategies with advanced AI predictive analytics to meet the challenges of doing business in a diverse and volatile global economy.
  • We maintain a successful track record of integrating and analyzing company and industry data with on-going macro-economic trends in order to predict future realities and optimize an organization’s strategic decision-making process.

Founder &
Managing Partner

Robert A. Gough, Jr., PhD

Dr. Gough has spent more than 30 years in management, operations, strategy, and institutional capital markets, having worked with Fortune 500 companies and government policy makers.

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Dr. Robert A. Gough, Jr., Founder & Managing Partner of Chatham Hill, has 30+ years of experience in management, operations, strategy, and institutional capital markets. He has served as CEO for several companies including an international management consulting company, companies within the Big Data, predictive analytics, and software space, and was chief investment strategist for a New York-based alternative investment company. Additionally, he has consulted with senior decision makers at some of the world’s largest Fortune 500 companies as well as various leading government policy makers around the globe.

Dr. Gough has directed teams in developing adaptive and predictive models and building Smart Accelerizers™ to help drive innovation, growth, and time sensitive decisions. His expertise in helping companies understand the impact and opportunities of market shaping trends make him and his team an invaluable resource for current and aspiring market leaders around the world.

An alumnus of Bates College and the Ph.D. program in Economics from Duke University, Dr. Gough is also Senior Lecturer at the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics at UNH where he teaches strategic management and investment banking.

Strategy is your story told in the future tense.
~ Robert A. Gough, Jr., PhD